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Alongside traditional academic structures and instructional methods, many institutions now offer extensive online and distance-learning opportunities. Online degree and certification programs have moved beyond an emerging market to become one of the most popular and lucrative higher education sectors. And on the other side of the spectrum, increased student mobility and the emphasis on international experience as a crucial part of higher education means that foundation, preparatory and pathway programs have become an essential feature of globally-minded higher education institutions around the world.

Like traditional on-campus offerings, online and pathway programs are aimed at specific student groups and require custom marketing strategies to ensure that the right students find the right programs. While online programs are often marketed to non-traditional students looking to complete a degree or develop professional skills, pathway programs seek to identify and enroll international students at the earliest point in their higher education plans, often before these students have completed secondary education.

To further complicate the issue, many online and pathway programs are designed and operated by program management providers, who work in conjunction with campus-based institutions to provide targeted services for specific student demographics. These new online and pathway programs provide ideal academic solutions for students, but the collaboration of brick-and-mortar institutions and online program management agencies brings new challenges to the student recruitment and marketing sector, and both program management agencies and schools can benefit from specialized services.

At Keystone Academic Solutions our higher education marketing specialists consult with program management providers and schools to develop marketing solutions that cater to the specific needs of many institutions and departments simultaneously. Keystone's multilingual services make it simple to establish a university or program’s brand across the global market and our exclusive Geo Targeting and Lingua services allow you to focus your marketing and recruitment strategies within ideal geographic and demographic areas. Our recommendations for media campaigns and marketing strategies have the combined expertise of our international team of marketing advisors, and with more than a decade in higher education digital marketing, Keystone can offer the best conversion rates and most accurate lead generation in the industry.

Since 2002, Keystone Academic Solutions has been a leader in the global higher education marketing sector. Schools and programs featured in our listings receive the most qualified enquiries because they appear in organic search results, and Keystone's custom-built marketing packages fit institutions and education providers of all sizes. Whether you want to increase exposure of a handful of programs or need to establish the brands of dozens of schools, Keystone provides the tools and knowledge to solve your marketing needs.

Marketing digital para la educación superior

El marketing digital ha arrasado en todo el mundo, y el sector de la enseñanza superior no es ninguna excepción. 

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Empresas de marketing para la educación superior

El equipo global de Keystone está formado por especialistas en marketing para estudiantes internacionales con más de una década de experiencia.

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Marketing por correo electrónico para la educación superior

Las estrategias digitales se han impuesto como norma en el marketing para la enseñanza superior. 

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