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Marketing is essential to the growth and development of higher education institutions. Colleges and schools, regardless of size, prestige or location, want to attract and retain the best and most suitable candidates, and successful enrollment starts with good marketing strategies. Higher education marketing helps to establish a specific brand identity that will allow the right students to identify and connect with the right school and ensures that prospective students have the best possible chance to enroll and, eventually, graduate.

Successful students are a university’s most valuable marketing tool, but schools should not rely on prominent alumni as their only marketing strategy. College student demographics are changing rapidly, and higher education marketing needs to be reactive and in touch with current trends. And to do so, you need insight and industry expertise.

Keystone Academic Solutions is a world leader in higher education marketing services. Our marketing specialists offer your institution access to more than a decade of experience in digital marketing strategies, and we focus on designing custom marketing plans for every school. Keystone helps you identify potential student markets that will provide your university with the best prospective graduates. Our intuitive marketing tools allow you to create engaging marketing campaigns that draw in the right students for your programs.

Most importantly, Keystone works with you. Our advisors are able to anticipate changes in student enrollment and marketing trends, giving your marketing and recruitment efforts an industry-leading edge and boosting your exposure in relevant areas. Schools that work with Keystone attract the most qualified student enquiries because we utilize organic non-branded searches. Students trust our services because they match their needs and interests, which means that when students contact your admissions offices, they are already prepared to enroll. Keystone’s marketing services can be tailored to any institution or budget, and our flexible marketing tools let you control the direction of your campaigns. Whether you want to explore a new geographic market, target specific language groups, or contact students directly about their academic interests, Keystone has the marketing services you need.

Marketing digital para la educación superior

El marketing digital ha arrasado en todo el mundo, y el sector de la enseñanza superior no es ninguna excepción. 

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Marketing por correo electrónico para la educación superior

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Marketing de matriculación de estudiantes

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